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How Do You Navigate Child Care in a Pandemic? // The Cut
In the early days of the pandemic, most parents didn’t have a choice about child care. As the virus spread, many day cares and preschools closed entirely, leaving parents scrambling to balance work and taking care of young kids who were suddenly home all day. Now, parents of children too young for primary school are still making decisions about child care in an ever-shifting framework. 

The Exhausting, Lucrative World of Childhood Sleep Consulting // Vox, The Goods
Often, parents who seek out sleep consultants have tried everything, or they’re just too wiped out to try anything. “I ask [parents], ‘Have you read the books? What have you tried?’ And they say, ‘I’ve bought the books, but I don’t have time to read them, I’m too tired.’” Stevens said.


The Technicolor Good Stuff // Romper

The party line was that having kids would ruin my life, but the planet lit up in Technicolor once my baby was here breathing its oxygen. 2023 New Parents Issue

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Peace with my Picky Eater // Romper
You know what comes next: the universe issued me a child custom-built to subvert my ego.

Do You Hate Me For My Yard? // The Cut
The complex resentment leaderboard I’ve been tabulating in my mind makes less sense as a hierarchy for me lately. It’s come to feel instead like a dense web, a rich tapestry of resentment knitting us all together.

Void Where Prohibited // Everything Happened
There is a middle place between death and adventure, the place where I usually get to live, where I can ignore that I’m at the edge of a void, just a fractured moment away from bottomless pain. 

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